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Starting from the roots in the year 1995,fabricating switch boards and setting up electrical installations,Leela Electric has transformed itself into a specialist in Electrical Power Management. Today Leela Electric has become the Solution Provider for making the most of the electrical Energy.After witnessing a year of profitable and sustianed growth, the flagship company Leela Electric was diversifeid into Leela Electricpower Service and Leela Electric. The unprecedented growth of our company was a reminder that "Great minds don't think alike" and it was therefore high time to contribute our share to the industry as well as to our clients. Hence Leela Electricpower Service was converted into a private limited company in the year 2011 and as far as our activites are concerned today, we function as Leela Electricpower Services Pvt.Ltd (a contracting company) and Leela Electric (a manufacturing unit) both having different missions and different visions of their own.

Leela Electricpower Services Pvt.Ltd. is specialised in electrical jobs for commercial and medium type industrial projects with an 'A' Grade Electrical Contrcat Licence. The spectrum of our specialisation spans area like Design & Estimation of Electrical Schematic,Consultancy Services for Power Distribution,Erection,Testing and Commisioning of HT cables,HV/MV Switch Boards,Bus Ducts etc.

On the other hand Leela Electric initiallly was an Electrical switchboard Manufacturer and later on expanded its activites to Design and Fabrication of MV panels and Bus Ducts, Motor Contorl Centres,Generator Control Panels,AMF Panles,PLC Panles,APFC Panles,Drive Panles and other panles for industrial and commercial projects.

We offer products and services that have string roots in traditional value base and come with inherent qualities of trustworthiness and complete customer satisfaction.Even more important is the proven performance and the assured reliability that only comes over a time. Now on account of the unprecedented population growth and rapid advance of industrialisation, the world at large is facing energy and environmental issues. Building on our know how and experience,we aim to pursue technology for state of the art electrical applications and continue creating value-added products that use electrical energy with maximum efficency. The people at Leela are united in their desire to promptly meet the diverse needs of their customers by bringing together the vast array of their individual talents. With many years of experience in Power Control,we make the use of electrical energy safer in order to protect people,assets and business. 

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