Our Profile

Founded as an Electrical Switch Board manufacturer in 1995, Leela electric quickly built a reputation for itself for applying innovative methods and for performing precision engineering tasks within the emerging Electrical Industry. Today, Leela Electric continues to develop and implement innovative solutions and products,continuously updating its technology and designs with the latest advancements for various applications to meet the requirements of a variety of industrial and commercial electrical projects. This company was started with six employees and an area of 1500 sq.ft. Along the way we established a reputation in the Electrical Industry and we expanded our factory space to 15000 sq.ft. and increased our staff strength to 175. Today we continue to meet our customers expectations because of our continued dedication and the highest level of professional standards. 

Tools of the Trade:

We use sophisticated machines for processing raw materials to ensure precision, accuracy and design of our products.

  • CNC Based Hydraulic Shear
  • CNC Based Hydraulic Press break
  • Hydraulic Nibbling Machine
  • Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Mechanical Shear
  • Hydraulic Bus bar Processing Machine 

Along with this an experienced technical team with wide spectrum of skills on different platforms and various industry domains helps to reduce development risk and offers time and cost saving inputs to market advantage

What is in our architecture ToolBox ?

  • Power and Motor Control Centers.
  • Design of MCC, PCC, APFC Panels.
  • Generator Control Panels.
  • AMF, PLC, APFC Panels.
  • Control Desk.
  • Drive and Metering Panels.
  • Bus Duct & ATS Assembly.

We at Leela Electric are committed to meeting the needs of customers by providing services that set standards in the area. Stringent quality control and supervision ensure that services confirm to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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